Actively working on your own personal growth is one of the best things you can do for your personal and professional relationships, physical and emotional health, and your overall success and happiness in life. On Wednesdays We Wear Blazers is the journey of two friends, researching and discussing personal growth topics one week at a time, to help listeners and themselves discover their true authentic selves while sharing a few laughs and embarrassing stories along the way. If you stopped making yourself a priority, if something is missing in your career, or if you just want to feel happier and less stressed, this podcast is for you!

About the Hosts

Katie Hadiaris

Blazer wearing Corporate American, mother who never lets her kids win, lover of honesty and tough love which is "too much" for some and refreshing for others, learning that life really is too short to not silence your inner doubts and GO FOR IT!

Shannon Murray

Mother of 3 and golden Teddy, Pilot's wife, part mermaid, yogi, writer, producer and loves being creative, sparkles, pink and Vitamin SEA.

Nora Pemberton

Toddler mom who's beginning to see the light, wife who's in the fight, daughter who's grateful and still cutting the cord, friend who's keepin' it GUCCI, and lover of the spotlight who's learning that not everything that glitters is gold.